Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Two good evening sessions to start the week, with a profit on bank of over 10% over the two days. I'll settle for that sort of return on a regular basis.
I concentrated on the tennis. I find it better to stick with one sport if there are plenty of opportunities available. My recent record on grand slams is appalling, 'kiddy in sweet shop syndrome' tends to set in. Maybe I'm more suited to these short sessions of a couple of hours.

I was, however, caught by the darkness at Roland Garros. I had backed Christophe Rochus early in the current set using around 10% of my bank. The game was halted with Rochus leading Fabrice Santoro 5-3 fourth set, and 2 sets to 1 up. I'm working in the morning so am unable to trade during the remainder of the match.

So what should I do?
i. Trust my original judgement, particularly as Rochus just has to serve out to win.
ii. Trade out to equalise the green and take a couple of tick profit.
iii. Just cover my potential loss, with a slightly larger green on Rochus than in ii.


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