Monday, 7 March 2011


Rather than just let it disappear off people’s listings, I thought it better to let readers know that I’ll be suspending my blog for a while.

In the main, I’m not spending enough time on Betfair and, probably more importantly, not spending enough time thinking about sport and betting to come up with much interesting to say at the moment. Like a few bloggers recently, I’m finding interesting things to write about difficult, but it’s mainly the case that my daily routine is very different from when my blog was at it’s ‘peak’.

It was reading back my own blog that brought me to this decision – I was surprised how good it used to be! Recent posts have tended to be just occasional updates, with not too much variety or insight. They’ve been written whenever I get a chance to write, just for the sake of updating everyone. When my routine was different, I often had ‘future posts’ sitting around in my head waiting to be written. Recently, life and work have taken over that spare brain space. Most of my better posts were written around midnight after a day’s Betfair session was finished – I’m usually tucked away in bed at that time nowadays.

I’m still badgering away on the exchange when I get time, looking to maintain that elusive £1k bank where I feel I can play comfortably ( my bank currently sits at £886.43 ), and trying to stick mainly to football. My life hasn’t stayed constant for very long over recent years, so it may well be that things change again. The blog is therefore suspended, not closed.

Until the next time, good luck to everyone.