Saturday, 2 May 2009

One Of The Best

The name of Peter Jones came into my thoughts during the Hillsborough memorial events a couple of weeks ago. Thought I'd leave this post a little while, as obviously the events of that day are more important than sports commentary, but Peter Jones' part in that day is worthy of replay. I grew up with his commentaries and reports, and hearing his voice still reminds me of childhood, of listening to Sports Report on the way home from Elland Road. Check out his commentaries of FA Cup Finals in the seventies and eighties - masterpieces.

I was listening to his fateful final commentary the following March, confused as to why expert pundit Dan Topolsky called the finish of the Boat Race, when Jonesy was the lead commentator. It felt like a friend had died when I heard the news the next day.

So this is his epitaph. He commentated at Heysel, and was then confronted by Hillsborough. The dignity of this piece summed up the professionalism and humanity of the man.


  1. Moving clip Rob. Thanks for the link earlier by the way. Your blog is one of the better ones out there. Keep it up.

  2. One of the best and [very] sadly the last of a kind.