Thursday, 14 May 2009

Stay Positive

Once again, Leeds have fallen just short in the promotion chase. A tight game tonight, no complaints about either the result or both team’s effort, although, having previously noted the importance to the side of Jermaine Beckford, felt he failed to perform when it really mattered.

My overwhelming thought is that teams who change their managers as often as Leeds have done in recent times rarely move upwards in the League. Hopefully, Simon Grayson is the right man the lead the club forward and will be given time to consolidate his good start.

I’ve never had any real interest in betting on horse racing, mainly through a belief that there are too many people around with inside knowledge, scooping up all the profit from the mug punters who rely on each morning’s Racing Post for their information.

So it would be nice to be on the inside line occasionally. I was chatting today to a guy at my Telford work contract. I know he part-owns a racehorse, so asked about it’s progress.

Rob – “How’s the racehorse been doing lately?”

Jim ( in thick Irish accent )- “Had a run last week”

Rob – “Oh, you didn’t say anything when I was here last week”

Jim – “Got fed up of everyone taking the p*** about how they’d lost their cash on it”

Rob – “So what happened last week”

Jim – “It won, at 25-1. Knew it would.”


(Wednesday 6th May, Bath 3.45, King Of Connacht, SP 25/1 )

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