Sunday, 17 May 2009

The 43 Year Old Brain

Unique moment today - I forgot about a bet I'd placed! Only spotted it during my end of day P&L check. Placed a lay of Pacos Ferreira in the Portuguese League soccer, before being distracted by something on my other laptop ( more of that later ). I think I'd convinced myself that I'd considered the bet, but not actually placed anything. Fortunately, it went my way.

Yet I can still remember the final sticker that completed my Panini '79 album 30 years ago ( Jimmy Case of Liverpool ). I'm sure a doctor could explain.

Anyway, an unusual day's betting. 25 bets placed, all won. And I only greened up on one transaction, the other 24 went to plan without needing to offset. If I carry on like that, I'll soon be able to afford a BMW X6!

Things were going too well in early evening, so I had a break off to check out a few blogs and other sites. Came across a video with three of my music heroes together on stage, great find. In the unlikely event that anyone is interested in Michael Stipe, Natalie Merchant or Billy Bragg, the video's here. For anyone else, check out my video on the right, it's a good one.


  1. Cool video Rob - the milkman of human kindness! Congrats on the run of luck - go buy a lottery ticket quick.

  2. Deeper analysis reveals that most bets were lays on away team at <5.0 to win three or four quid, so I'd have had to give back at least half my potential winnings with a minimum £2 back to green up. Not quite as impressive as it first sounds then!