Friday, 15 May 2009

Time To Stop Gambling?

Just read this on the blog site. I'm pleased to see guys making a success from full-time gambling, and I know some people get great encouragement from seeing the achieveable results from the likes of Peter Webb and Adam Heathcote.

I would note some caution. It's tough out there, and presumably someone is losing the money that Adam and Peter are making. Particularly at the beginning of a trading career, it's worth reading these guys' comments and advice rather than their P&L's.

Anyway, if all I can hope for from gambling is a BMW X6, I'll pack it in now. WTF! Styling by Stevie Wonder. It reminds me of one of those design student concepts - lets's make a 4x4 coupe. Or a 3 series coupe with pick-up truck wheels on. Let's hope Jimmakos keeps making enough profit to get a better looking car next time.

Anyway, off to the Corgi shop to find a car to buy with my winnings.


  1. Haha, I'll try to do my best next time!

  2. As you said, the styling divides opinion! I'm definitely in the 'Oh No' camp.

    Well done for making the profit, a bit more and you'll be in Porsche Carrera territory. Now there's a car...