Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A Winner. Just.

No, not the Juddmonte International, but yesterday’s 2.45 at Wolverhampton.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that a guy who part owns the building company I freelance for is also a part-owner of King of Connacht, a horse with Shropshire trainer Mark Wellings. A 25/1 winner at Bath in May, yesterday it went off 11/2 third favourite. The above photo will no doubt be on Jim’s wall for the while. The second horse was a 16/1 outsider, The Grey One, and the winning distance is best described as a ‘short nose’. Did I have a bet on it? No, I’ll no doubt wait until it’s a short price loser.

I’m showing a bit of consistency with my betting – consistent discipline, consistently crap tennis bets. It doesn’t help when I see results like tonight’s win for Igor Kunitsyn over world number 24 James Blake. When my money was on him last week, he couldn’t beat the world number 487. Overall I’m doing ok, with an August profit on all other sports I’ve participated in. Things will be great when my tennis form returns soon with a vengeance. Umm.

Whilst the natural learning curve means that I find less useful trading tips than I did a year ago, I did come across a worthwhile couple of lines regarding in-play betting –

‘Remember as long as your green is on the winner when the match ends – you win! Where the red or green was a minute earlier or 4 sets earlier makes no difference. We get settled at the end of the match. Not in play’.

I kept this in mind during tonight’s Wigan / Wolves game, and came out with a minimal green, having been all-red mid game. Often the most obvious statements are the most useful.


  1. Hey Rob, that's one hell of a photo finish! I understand what you mean by the learning curve, I am also attempting to climb a steep uphill learning curve of my own. Hope the betting is going well. Would you mind letting me know how you got the counter embedded into your main blog page. Would like to do it to my page but havent got a clue. I have just set up a stats account and have the HTML code, but am pretty piss poor at knowing where to enter the code in the HTML editor section. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Hello JS.

    I'm no IT expert, but just followed the Histats setup until offered the HTML code. I then opened the blogger dashboard, then layout, added a new gadget which I titled as Counter, and then pasted the HTML code into the box. Seemed simple to do.

  3. Nice one Rob, you're a star!

  4. Wonderful! Reminding me betting for my last year horse racing.