Monday, 31 August 2009

It's Getting Tiresome, Arsene.

Just back from the Leeds Festival, and I’m currently attempting to find any value in the US Open first round matches – not an easy task, and also put together a blog post to summarise my August efforts.

But I felt the need for a quick post, having listened to the sports news during the drive home.

Mr Wenger is a bad loser. I have no problem with this, many of our greatest sportsmen are. But few talk quite as much drivel as Arsene after a defeat. His latest gem is that ‘persistent fouling’ ( as carried out by opponents ) is more of a threat to football than blatant diving ( as carried out by his own team ). The particular game in question had nine yellow cards, six of which went to Wenger’s Arsenal. Presumably, he will as usual only have seen the fouls committed by Manchester Utd rather than those committed by his own team. To top this, Emmanuel Eboue was booked for diving, only days after Eduardo’s pathetic cheating.

Wouldn’t Mr Wenger’s time be better spent teaching his players to uphold the spirit and laws of the game, rather than spouting his regular ‘the world’s against us’ diatribe? Whilst I, like many, enjoy watching Arsenal’s free flowing football, surely he cannot still hold the naïve view that it’s unfair for opponents to make the game physical to counteract his team. More likely, it’s just another poor attempt to influence referees. Boring.

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  1. The funny thing is the more he moans, the more the smaller teams set up to play more physical against them.

    Anyway, cant wait for tomorrow, get 5 new transfers on the fantasy team, get rid of Mickey Owen and go top, just wait..! I'm miles behind you at the moment!