Thursday, 9 July 2009

'T' Time

The end of my betting week, as Mrs B and I head northwards towards Kinross, Perthshire in the morning for the 3 day ‘T in the Park’ festival. So I’m away from Betfair until Tuesday evening.

As quiet a week as I can remember, with little evening sport, and the low-level ATP event in Newport, Rhode Island suffering from weather conditions more familiar to Newport, Gwent.

It’s a good job I have so much expertise in the field of Horse Racing to allow me to make a modest profit. Umm. I have managed to blow my weekend gains over four evenings. I’m happy to accept that I’m at a learning stage with racing and will keep trying, hopefully it won’t do too much damage to my overall objectives. More annoying is a weekly loss on soccer – I’m not going to bother with any more soccer until the proper stuff kicks in during August, as my P&L suggests I’m wasting my time.

So a similar position as I take a break to that I had at this stage in June. At mid month I’ll have made nothing. Let’s hope the second half of the month is also similar to June.


  1. Not long to go now before the proper footy starts
    cant wait, enjoy your trip up north anyway looks like theres some good bands on.

  2. Yep, I cannot wait until the new season starts. I've started a new blog for the new season at