Monday, 6 July 2009

A Day For Champions - The Sequel

I enjoyed yesterday’s Wimbledon final. I thought both players deserved all the praise they have received. Federer now has the trophy cabinet to back up what we all suspected – there’s never been a better all-round tennis player.

Oddity of the day – in my post after the French Open (here), I noted that two other men dominant in their own sports, Tiger Woods and Phil Taylor, had won tournaments on the same day as Federer. So who won yesterday’s AT&T National ? Las Vegas Desert Classic? Yep, you got it.

I read a few Tennis blogs earlier. I have no problem with a little nationalistic support, but thought some of the American comments were incredibly bitter. So what if Federer has a crap dress sense. So what if his well-meaning comments about Roddick in the on court post-match interview were a little clumsy. He’s a better player than Roddick, and he won. Get over it. And yet there were no negative comments whatsoever about Serena taking the piss out of Safina in her press conference. At least when the Aussies have a whinge, they do it with a little humour and self-depreciation. (Sorry to any more reasonable Americans out there, I’ve nothing against your nation as a whole!).

I’m extremely pleased with a £21 profit today. Why? Because I managed to post a moderately positive day despite a £19 loss laying this evening’s horse racing. I needed a reality check after two winning days at my new-found betting, er, ‘strategy’. My horse racing experiment isn’t dead in the water yet, but the concentration and time spent cross-checking websites over the weekend obviously made a difference. Tonight’s betting was looser and rushed in comparison, with one eye on soccer and tennis scoreboards. So if I’m to add racing to my betting armoury, I’ll have to look for periods when I can concentrate solely on the racecards.

Finally, I’ve just read an excellent, if lengthy, blog post from Mind Games, which has some good advice for novice Betfair users. Whilst his blog generally deals with pre-race trading, his latest post is useful for anyone new to this game. I recognise plenty of his experiences.

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