Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Back on the, er, horse

A wary start to my evening’s session after yesterday’s disaster. I still managed to lay a winner in my first race of the evening. Doh. So the remainder of my racing lays simply recovered losses, and I ended up £5.48 in profit.

I fared a little better with the tennis. It would have been a good evening after a couple of nice wins in the European events (Garcia-Lopez, Klaffner and a lump on Vinci against a local no-hoper), but I was let down again in Indianapolis, bailing out of backs of Levine and Lu as fortunes turned, with an all-red on each occasion.

I achieved my first goal of the week – I’ve brought July back into the black (or green), and the month currently stands at +£8.95! So the rest of the week will simply be spent attempting to recover the remainder of last night’s loss. I’ve then only got three days in the following week before my festival season kicks in again, so it’s fair to say that July will be a month to forget, profit wise.

I did identify July as a quiet month, and if I come out of it simply having learnt some good lessons from my horse-laying efforts, and in the black, I’ll be satisfied. I just have to avoid any more calamities…..

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