Sunday, 19 July 2009

Oh So Close

Like most who watched today’s events at Turnberry, I’m feeling a little deflated. We were a ten foot putt from sporting history, but it wasn’t to be. To make things worse, if you had to choose from the following contenders at mid afternoon, who would you least like to win?

· The 59 year old legend of the game, attempting to take a major championship 26 years after his eighth and final win.
· The 21 year old Brit, fifth last year as an amateur and trying to win on his first entry as a professional.
· The top British star, part of four winning Ryder Cup teams and ranked number 2 in the tournament’s host nation.
· The American PGA star ranked 33 in the world.
· The Aussie playing on the American tour and ranked 58 in the world.
· The South African star with two major championship wins and two Order of Merit wins on the European Tour.

Yeah, me too.

I can’t even add a particularly positive note on the betting front. With a satisfactory day behind me, I had no appetite for a bet on the play-off, despite a solid belief that Watson had blown his chance, so just stuck fifteen quid on it, winning a tenner! Pathetic, it should have been a £100 bet.

Mum of the Day
A good day for the 29 year old Austrian, Sybille Bammer, who won her second WTA tour title in Prague. As a point of interest, Bammer is the only mother on the WTA tour. And all her success has come after the birth of her daughter in 2001. Up to that point she had only played on the secondary ITF tour.

Presumably, there’s a house-husband somewhere in Linz who can have a bumper supermarket shop tomorrow.

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  1. only mum on the tour.. until Kim Clijsters comes back in a few weeks, which will hopefully make the top 10 a bit nervous.