Sunday, 1 March 2009

Early End To My Week

First major gig of the year tonight - Razorlight at Wolverhampton Civic Hall - so my week's betting ends now, at the end of the Man Utd / Villa games.

Glad I couldn't get a 1.01 on Villa at 80 minutes, I'd probably have taken it!

An unusually straightforward week, only two cock-ups ( excluding my foray into horse racing ) - I left open a bet on the Man City/Copenhagen score, confident that with seconds to go I'd be safe. Umm. I also got burnt by a quick changearound in the Baghdatis/Chardy first set tie-break.

The result - an on-target £700 week. This leaves me a little concerned. As I noted in last Sunday's post, I am working three days a week but have left in place a £700 target (adjusted on certain weeks depending on bank). Therefore, this week is deemed average and yet it seemed to go better than most weeks. I'm not convinced I can achieve this much money week in, week out.

Next week looks quiet, with only one WTA tournament and no men's tennis. So my target looks tough. I think I'll just try to collect whatever profit I can, and then work hard next week during Indian Wells.

At least I can have a lie-in tomorrow morning. It's my birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday,

    Hope your not to hungover from last night's gig.

  2. Cheers.

    No danger, I'm always the soddin' driver!