Saturday, 28 March 2009

My Saturday Night Blog Super-Post

As you probably haven't noticed, I've been messing about with my blog, having read a couple of articles which discussed how you can 'add value' by including a variety of information which may be of interest to others.

I've added a nice picture of Lichfield Cathedral somewhere near the bottom, and removed the ads, having found that I've earned $1.98 so far on Adsense. These may return if I am unable to make any cash on Betfair. I've also decided to force my musical tastes onto anyone who wanders down to the lower reaches of the blog.

So here goes, a post with added supplements.

i. Some detail of my day's Betfair activity. I placed a lay on Bahrain in the World Cup qualifier against Japan. They lost. I won £2.00. I then placed lots of other footy and tennis bets, and more won than lost. Sadly, each loss tends to be bigger than each gain.

ii. My Betfair P&L for the day.

iii. Something new I have learnt today. The Leeds Utd manager, Simon Grayson, is known to his friends as 'Larry'. This is bleedin' obvious to anyone over the age of thirty.

iv. My tip of the day. Read carefully. I quite fancy Rafa Nadal to beat Teimuraz Gabashvili in Miami. I may put £3.00 on him at 1.02. You might even be able to trade out for a guaranteed profit if he wins the first set.

v. What I would be saying on 'Twitter' ( if I had an account ). "I am playing on my laptop, whilst eating a Sticky Toffee Pudding I purchased from Marks & Spencer in Lichfield as part of their 'Meal for £10' promotion."

vi. What's in my digital holster ( I have seen this in a magazine ). My 17" HP laptop, a nice red 15" Sony laptop, an Ipod nano, and an Iphone. Well, my fourth Iphone in 15 months, actually. It's great when it works. Despite have a 'rubber-tyre' holder, I have managed to break three which have had to be replaced under warranty.

vii. More Social Networking info. I have no 'virtual' friends. My wife has 17 Facebook friends. They seem to post lots of pictures of their cats and dogs on Facebook. I know some people who I meet in the pub, or go to their houses occasionally. I think they are known as 'normal' friends.

Hope I have added value to your day.


  1. Mate your blogs a blast. Nice one!

  2. Thank you for the kind comment.

    Find the writing easier than the betting!