Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Show me the way to Amar...., er, Telford

I am officially 'Billy-2-Jobs', having fallen into another part-time position - that's two in three weeks. It's bizarre how these things happen, particularly as I wasn't looking, having given up on the construction jobs market. Hopefully this may be a sign of those 'green shoots of recovery' we're all hoping for. A 30 mile trip to Telford for two days a week, but a simpler way of making a full-time living than on Betfair (for me anyway).

So I am now a part-time gambler. For my next post I'll have to come up with a new strategy.

Oh, and Tony Christie? I went out for lunch yesterday and was followed most of the way home by Lichfield's No 1 celebrity.

By the way, Lichfield's No 2 celebrity is currently the top goalscorer in English League football. That'll be Matt Fryatt then...

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