Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A New Horse Racing Tipster?

This is hopefully a unique P&L. The terms 'horse racing' and 'Rob The Builder' are not designed to go together. So let me explain......

A long day of tennis betting today, particularly as this is my only 'full-time' day this week until Saturday.

A 9.00am start in Dubai, and I had wins on all the early games, with the exception of the TV match - Simon versus the 469 ranked wild card Mohammed Ghareeb. Not a great bet - £105 at 1.04! - but I should have had every confidence it could only end one way. But doubts set in whilst following the match live, and I traded out for a £30 loss before watching the inevitable Simon recovery. I'm sure I would have kept faith if I'd simply been following a scorecard, but the commentary team's gushing plaudits for the underdog and criticism of Simon's game did for me!

The early afternoon games ( Hernych, Gasquet, Clement ) were a slog to follow, all being too tight to call for most of their respective durations. So boredom set in. I should have gone for a walk to the village shop. Instead, enthused by reading a few blogs in the last couple of weeks, I decided I wanted to watch the live feed racing on Betfair. I then found I had to have a bet on a race to watch. I quickly hatched a plan....

Rob's easy way to make money on horses. Lay a horse in a race with lots of other horses, it's bound to lose. Which horse? Well, lay odds around 6 or 7 so that I didn't have too much outlay for my target win of £2.00. This seemed to be the horse second or third on the Betfair list. Being a professional, I quickly checked that my lay hadn't been tipped by Sporting Life! Away I went :

First Race. Discovered the live feed is about 15 seconds behind. My odds changed favourably so I bailed out by backing my nag at a point when it had probably already been tailed off.

Second Race. A win, my selection was never in the race, this seems like easy money.

Third Race. I'm getting good at this now. Made £1.00 before the race even began. Rob The Trader, here we come. And the horse went on to win! ( Stagecoach Amber ).

Fourth Race. Whooah, how did that happen. Lay on Sir Tantallus Hawk. Watched the odds in running, went right out to 30, I'm dead good at this. Seconds later, odds tumble away to a clear screen. I can watch the drama unfold 15 seconds later on the 'live' feed!

Fifth / Sixth Races. My lays won again ( Saratoga Sunshine, Matcho Pierji ). Fortunately, I'd escaped with 48p and £2.00 gains respectively.

Seventh Race. Losing faith, so bailed out for a £1.15 gain as soon as the in-running odds favoured me.

Eighth Race. Can't believe how fast these odds change. Again I see the odds well in my favour, my lay must to be well back. And then the odds tumble away again...... ( Southerness ).

So for my first horse racing day ever, 8 selections and 4 odds against winners. Sadly I was laying. Maybe there's a tipster role for me out there. Umm.

Fortunately, I'm working during horse racing hours for the next three days. Maybe I'll look at the Greyhounds next week...

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