Saturday, 21 February 2009

My Man Of The Day

Had a slightly stiff back today ( that'll be my new part-time job then ). So for today's session, I sat on the sofa with laptop in lap, and watched Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports News whilst betting.

It really is a top show. The format is simple, presenter and four pundits, with reporters at various grounds. The BBC do a similar gig with Ray Stubbs in the chair, but it's as dull as dishwater.

Sky have Jeff Stelling in the hot seat, and the man's a star. He has the ability to create a feeling of intense excitement throughout the whole 2 hours of Saturday's footy, and a sharp sense of humour. He clearly has fans other than myself, having recently been taken on by Channel 4 to host 'Countdown'. Whilst I normally dislike the distraction of TV during a session (unless actually watching a match), found it an entertaining and useful watch.

A steady but low earning day. I think I'm a bit lacking in confidence after Tuesday's calamities, so am tending to wait for 'certainties', and there's never too many of those about. Did actually get into credit on the week for a short time until a small bet on North Carolina in the NCAAB went wrong in the last few seconds of the match, with no liquidity to repair the situation. So I'll have to rely on Sunday to take me into the black this week.

Don't want to seem too obsessed with my Tuesday debacle, but interested to see that Flavia Pennetta is blogging on the WTA website from Bogota. Here's a couple of excerpts from her Tuesday blog -

'It was a difficult day for me on the court today. I didn't play a good match at all. I just didn't feel in the match, and I wasn't pushing the ball hard enough. It wasn't a good feeling. Maybe the high altitude had something to do with it'
'I have to look at the positives though. I'm still in the doubles, and Gisela and I played very well yesterday, so I think we can fight for the title'

'It's about 7pm now... I'm going to take a shower and am going to the player party really soon, which should be really cool.'

Glad to see that someone had a good end to the day.

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