Wednesday, 7 July 2010

'English Man Wins Tennis Match' Shock

My earlier post may have suggested that Richard Bloomfield's two career ATP main draw wins may not have been completely due to his own brilliant performances.

So I'm happy to publicise a victory tonight in Newport, Rhode Island, for our new tennis hero over the number two seed, 56-ranked Colombian Santiago Giraldo. In straight sets! 6-3, 7-6. In the quarter final, he now faces the 18 year-old Bollettieri Academy pupil Ryan Harrison, ranked 262, not an impossible task.

So best wishes to Bloomfield - we have to grab these rare opportunities to celebrate. Andy Murray's successes have rather hidden just what a disastrous state British men's tennis is in at the moment.


  1. Shame Bloomfield is technically old enough to be Harrison's dad.

    Its about time English tennis had a bit of a boost. When the likes of Bogdanovic cannot even beat a kid who is just not interested in Dimitrov despite having it handed to him on a plate multiple times, victories like Bloomfield's over the last two days are something to saviour regardless of the legitimacy of one.

  2. apparently the live betting on that game was interesting to say the least....