Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A Fair Match Up?

This photo from the David Haye / Nikolay Valuev match-up announcement caught my attention.

Based on informed writing in the boxing press, Haye's current price of 1.50 for his November attempt at the WBA heavyweight title is close to the mark.

I'll admit to knowing little about boxing, but I think I'd have difficulty with an odds-on bet on a guy whose head matches up to his opponents shoulders.

Valuev may well have little talent, but a 55-1 record suggests that most struggle to overcome his 7'2" frame. Haye made his name as a cruiserweight, and with an 11" and seven stone difference to overcome, he must be a hell of a talent to be worthy of 1/2 odds.

Not a bet for me.


  1. I was thinking the same thing, check my latest post on my blog and i advised a back of Valuev at 2.78 with a view to trade to minimize risk.

    The size difference is MASSIVE!! Will Haye do it? The bookies think so..


  2. Betting aside, this fight should a good one to watch for the amusement value alone!