Wednesday, 1 April 2009


I'll start with the positives of this evening. I bet in a calm and consistent manner, I thought through the 'what if' scenarios of each trade, and I didn't over-bet or chase.

Sadly, one error cost me dear, resulting in a (£96) day and putting me £78 behind my target total after 27 days of my £2k challenge.

The error - 'money-buying', a past failing that I have learnt to be very cautious about entertaining. But a 1.01 at 88minutes on 'under 3.5 goals' in a meaningless friendly between Norway and Finland ( at 1-1 ) looked an easy way to start my evening. So on went £158 to win £1.50!

I use Bet365 as my match-time guide. I glanced at the 1-1 score at 91 minutes 10 seconds. No problems. I switched to browse my Betfair screen, and what seemed moments later I glanced back - 92 minutes 50 seconds, 2-2! To rub it in, Norway scored again to win 3-2. At least I was spared that horrible stomach-tightening wait when one goal is scored, and you're left to scramble for whatever recovery you can make. It was a quick, painless death!

Interesting analysis of the £315 profit gained so far in my challenge - £313 is from tennis! I generally become frustrated when reviewing my P&L's. There has never been any consistency to my results which would guide me to change my sport focus or strategies. I can go for weeks finding tennis impossible to profit from, and then other times when I pick off trades effortlessly.

Write a hundred times as punishment - 'No more 1.01's'

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