Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Advice Line

Would you take advice from someone who, unless a clear profit of £105 is achieved by tomorrow evening, will have ended April with a monthly P&L shown in brackets? No, thought not.

So rather than offer advice, I will point you in the direction of a couple of recent posts from those with more experience and days in front of the computer than I - Leon The Fixer and Cassini. Worthwhile reading.

Analysis of my month gives me the following list to take forward into, hopefully, a better May.

i. My main profit stream has been limited by the tennis circuit moving to Europe, where playing hours coincide with my working hours. Answer - shrug shoulders, take what I can from the evening matches, remember that I earn money whilst working.

ii. The football silly season. Note for 2010 - stop pre-game footy betting at the end of March. Come back in mid September. I will limit my betting until then to Scandinavian soccer ( different stage of season ).

iii. Analysis of my P&L identifies an unsurprising red figure for the combined total of the following sports - Horse Racing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Snooker. Analysis of a longer term P&L would certainly add darts and cricket to this list. Answer - read my own previous posts! I know I should stick to my specialised areas, but just get tempted, particularly as now I'm only playing for fun.

iv. I'll get more satisfaction from a steady small profit than regular ups and downs. Keep this thought in mind whenever I open Betfair.

Sorry, must rush, got £105 to win urgently.... ( kidding, honest ).

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