Monday, 1 March 2010

Career Change?

A flying start to March. Not.

I think it's going to be a slow week, as I won't be having any more than token interest in the international football.

Driving home tonight, I was sorely irritated by the amount of 'public service' adverts on my chosen radio station, Birmingham's rock channel Kerrang Radio. In the good old days, you'd be bombarded by DFS sale adverts, but now the retailers are all hanging onto their cash and we're pounded by information on the ill-effects of smoking, chlamydia, truancy, teenage abuse and, er, obtaining a provisional driving licence.

On one hand, we're told that our teenagers are brighter and better educated than ever, but then it seems that those in authority think they're incapable of any common sense whatsoever, and need to be force-fed information.

Best of all, I heard a recruitment ad for MI6! On a brummy rock station! I know the days of Oxbridge 'funny handshake' recruitment have long gone, but I wasn't ready for that. Anyway, I've sent in my application form.


  1. Hi Rob

    Wishing you a belated happy birthday for the 2nd, I hope you had a good one.


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  3. Thanks, Mark.

    Can't say that my birthday appeared on the Richter scale. Opened a few cards, then got on with picking some winners! Maybe I'll make more effort at fifty.

  4. Thanks for the add Rob.

    Good luck with your bets today