Thursday, 17 December 2009


Just spent 99p of my daily winnings ( that's a big chunk gone! ) on a download of a song I already have on CD.

It's great to see an old-fashioned chart war going on. Remember Blur and Oasis going head to head in '95? The fuss caused by Frankie Goes To Hollywood and the Sex Pistols going to number 1?

Sorry to sound like an old fart, but today's singles charts tend to be filled by loads of RnB that holds little interest to me, and the majority of the general public. Hope there's a Xmas Day 'Top Of The Pops' if RATM reach the top!

Oh, and Simon Cowell's a twat.


  1. The sad thing is this would be one of the only genuine number ones all year, and probably all decade.

  2. Modern times I think. There's still loads of music out there, it's just not relevant to the singles chart. There seems to be two distinct strands - music television and clubs play RnB, leading to singles sales, and radio and the live music scene pitch at album sales. Although last week's album chart was probably the most depressing in history!

  3. I bought it first time around and I'm with it again-go RAGE!