Wednesday, 3 June 2009

It's Oh So Quiet

..…. for a part-time Betfair player with no interest in horse racing, anyway. The second week of a grand slam is about as quiet a time for tennis betting as we get during the 10 month season.

I’m having to find new things to do with my evenings –
· Talk to my wife.
· Venture outside into the sunlight.
· Explore the 8000 channels available on Freeview. You can find an episode of CSI somewhere on there at any hour of the day, I believe.

The few opportunities I’ve come across this week have been reasonably successful. I think that because my profit expectations are low, there is no pressure to chase bets. I’ve only had one red trade so far this week. I got sucked into a lay of the Argentinians in tonight’s Toulon tournament game after reading a blog explaining why the Dutch youngsters were a far superior side. Argentina won 4-0.

My 100% record on Tennis tips was maintained (just) by Federer on Monday. No more tips this week!

In the men’s event, the odds have Federer around 1.8, and his three adversaries all in the 6.6 – 7.2 range. Not sure the 2009-model Federer is particularly good value at that. I think it’s a toss of a coin. Recent slam history suggests that Murray’s conquerer goes on to some success. So, if you twisted my arm, Gonzalez at 6.4 may be the value. That’s not a tip.

The women’s final should be between Kuznetsova and Safina. The winner? Ha, this is the WTA, anything could happen. Just lay once either hits 1.05!

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